Focus on the scene, not on the screen.

Immerse yourself in the scene, not on the screen.

That’s the rule with Nomad Chic because epic events unfold right before your eyes… but, not if you’re absorbed in  selfies, a temptation because there is no better photo shoot than these grand adventures.

Hakuna matata!

Nomad Chic packs a photographer in every trip that sguided by Bibi Jordan, the award-winning photographer of CHIC and SWAHILI CHIC.

Besides ensuring you get the awesome photos of game and spectacular photos of you, you’ll also get the type of lifestyle photos only an experienced safari photographer knows  epitomizing the safari set

When Bibi travels with a group, she is photographing the adventure and will share with you all the photos. She will even produce a travel book for you if requested. This means you get let go in the moment instead of getting sucked into social media.

Leave your cell phone in your pocket and don’t worry about investing in expensive long lenses.Each morning you’ll get 50+ compelling images to share on Instagram or Facebook …so you can spend all day focusing on the moment and forgetting about social media.

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